Thursday, March 26, 2009

Animal Update (Because I Am Sure You Are Dying To Know)

It is raining today. Not such a big thing except Miss Cruella doesn't like to get dripped on. Which means she won't go pee (sorry Amy).

As I have no desire to have her urinating indoors, we have to reach a compromise. The steps involved are;
I force her outside.
She stands and stares at me.
I pick up the Frisbeetoy.
I throw the FT.
She gallops after it and on her way back to me, stops and pees.

The joys of owning an OCD dog.

On the weaning/horse front, well, as I mentioned earlier, it is raining. Because of that, I have no desire to stand outside shoveling poo. To accommodate my laziness, I turned LD back into the pasture.

So far so good. Vivid immediately came over looking for a nibble and LD was having none of it.

(Side note - she is named LD due to the duck/ostrich marking on her face. LD - Little Duck.)

Timing is everything. I had to get this done because tomorrow is Avenged Sevenfold and I don't want to have to fuss about the horses. The only thing I want to be thinking about is that good old screaming loud chest thumping rock and roll!

It's what brings out the animal in me.


cornponesally said...

Congratulations on the weening!! Seems like your hard work is paying off finally!
My house is empty again..the canadian and colorado girl have left. TL

annest said...

The joys of outsmarting the animal world. Have fun!

Tatyana said...

That's funny, I thought LD stood for something else, mom.

Cruella looks adorable in that picture!

Misfit in Paradise said...

The ORIGINAL owners called her LD. Her next owner translated LD into his name. Now she is back to Little Duck.
So there.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the LD name........

Misfit in Paradise said...

Wow. What a tough audience!