Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Truthfully I am not sure I would have noticed that this is my 100th post if Aaroneous had not mentioned his. So, thanks Aaron and TA DA! My 100th! (Side note - this picture make me miss smoking even more!)

Tonight was my first dinner with the girls (I would have beaten anyone who called me that 15 years ago!) since I have been back. I had an absolutely wonderful time. Eating, talking, laughing. Impossible to beat. Especially the laughing part. And what great gossip we caught up on!

(I have my itunes going while I try to write this. Marilyn with This is the New S**t is simply too distracting for me to be able to continue. It probably wouldn't pull me in so much if it weren't for this new speaker system I got for the laptop. Please hold.)

(Three songs later I have to shut the itunes down. It's an evil vortex sucking me down...)

Speaking of music, I purchased my first concert ticket for 2009. Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, and Papa Roach. If any of you are going, I will be the one dressed completely different than everyone else. I always look totally out of place but have a great time.

Which reminds me of when Bassman and I went to the 2007 Vans Warped Tour. We were walking into the Verizon Wireless Center and one of the staff asked us if we were looking for our kids. She was amazed when we told her no, we were just there for the bands. Bassman said it was our official entry into geezerhood.

Which, I guess, is appropriate for 100.


Aaroneous said...

Congrats on 100!!!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

van's warped..also where you bought the dropkick murphy vans that i still wear. great shoes, great woman to hang out with.
let's do it again...SOON!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I would love to!