Monday, January 19, 2009

Ah, The Country Life

There are times I get up in the morning (okay, whenever!) and I have no idea what there is to write about that will give you a chuckle. Occasionally the universe conspires to give me the perfect solution.

When I am not on this island, I live in an area that has a heavy Mennonite/Amish population. I would guess they make up at least 20% of our county. It is not unusual to be driving down the road and come upon a buggy. On those curvy roads, rounding a corner at 50mph and suddenly discovering one in front of you, well, that will give you a heart attack in no time!

You don't often happen upon them at night. It's not that they can't be on the roads, they just aren't. If they must go out after dark, they have to put lights on the buggies.

The lights are high enough on the buggy that the first time I passed one I thought it was some kind of ufo. Imagine driving down a pitch black road and suddenly seeing lights hovering about 7' above you! Disconcerting.

Hmm. Apparently I am not the only person who has been startled by such a sight. On the topix site for my tiny town, this entry today;

'two buggies were going up the road and 0ne had blue lights on it. I didn't look back, but then I thought, is the one with the blue lights, the amish cops.' (all punctuation, etc. from the posting).

Amish cops!! Oh my, I about fell over laughing at that! I could just picture a 'high speed chase'! Or pulling someone over to write a ticket! Ha, ha, ha! Stop, you're killing me!

Oh universe, you were so kind to give me that one! Who could make that up?

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annest said...

Too funny! I now know what you mean about feeling like you came up on a ufo. I came up on a horse and buggy in the dark of night the other night...and couldn't figure out what the heck it was till I got close. I just knew it wasn't a tractor!1 Thanks for the laugh.