Friday, September 12, 2008

What happened?

Okay, I don't get what is happening with the gas prices this week. I know that much of the oil is refined in the Houston area but the damned hurricane hadn't even hit land yet and gas went up $.30 a gallon. What kind of garbage is that?

One station in our state had $5.99 for regular on their sign. The only explanation for that is plain old greed. I hope that once this area comes to its senses, we remember which stations tried to gouge us and we no longer do business with them.

Unfortunately for the mom and pop operations, the oil providers often determine what must be charged. This makes the proprietors look like snakes for raising their prices when, in actuality, it is the oil companies.

The hurricane is headed inland, no major damage, yet gas prices are still up there. Somebody should be embarrassed.

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Anonymous said...

uibscadhere in colorado the gas prices remained stable@385 (so far)
i'd check with your state commissioner
seems suspect to me, too.