Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Occasionally, no, more accurately, rarely, one happens upon an animal or person who is entirely devoted to their calling. Not only am I lucky enough to know of one such creature, I live with it!

It is Coach. Her real name is Cupid (I lobbied for Flash Wrinklehead but I was shot down) but she earned her nickname when she began to demonstrate her unwavering talent.

Sure, there have been other cats with talents somewhat like hers but they will eventually give way and move on to something else. She doesn't. She is willing to go the extra mile any time, night or day. Rain or shine. Good times or bad.

I was tired one day and thought about taking a nap. Then I started fretting about everything that needed doing and how a nap probably wasn't the best idea. Well old Cupid wandered in about then. She jumped onto the bed, gave a slight meow, and laid down.

I interpreted her actions the only way possible. She was offering to guide me through the napping process.

How could I refuse? She was demonstrating the skills of a professional and she was willing to share this with me!

I joined her on the bed and took a nap. When I woke up, Coach was still there! She was even ready to go a bit longer if I needed. What dedication and selflessness!

Since that day, she has provided her services many, many times. Her gifts humble me. I am barely worthy.

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